My Identity and Journey into Motherhood- Intro

Updated: Mar 29

Many women can say exactly who they are, especially the "real women" they use in magazines. "Sarah is a mom, CEO of a Fortune 500 company, and climbs mountains in her free time." I know we're not supposed to compare ourselves but damn that's hard to follow! How I identify as a mom/woman/human is constantly evolving. Like Michelle Obama says in Becoming, “it isn’t about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim…it's a means of evolving, a way to reach continuously toward a better self.”

I was born a sister and daughter then became a friend, auntie, mom and wife in my personal life. I have been a student and traveler, having lived on 4 continents. Professionally I have been an early childhood teacher for kids age PreK to 2nd grade with a Masters in early childhood education (ECE). I have taught in a variety of schools- Head Start, Montessori, Nature preschools, and in IB (international baccalaureate) schools. I am also a certified yoga instructor with a specialization in Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga. I started my own yoga business called Yoga Mama Columbia. Now I'm an author of the children's Book on Brighter Days.

My family background is that I’m the youngest of five kids- three of us homemade and two adopted but not due to infertility (I was born after they were adopted- oops!). My mom is one of five and a twin. Her sister only had 1 son even though she loved being around children and taught for 30 years in public schools so I wonder if she had troubles too but it wasn’t discussed in our family. All of my friends growing up had at least 2-4 siblings. I knew no one who was an only child. In our current neighborhood friend group, my daughter is the only one with no siblings. I also am very close to my two amazing sisters and I wanted my daughter to have that same close relationship.

I was an early childhood teacher since graduating college so I knew how difficult working with kids during the day was and I got a glimpse into the world of parenting. I couldn’t imagine teaching and then being with children around the clock at home as well. Props to all the teachers who do this amazing work everyday and raise their families! I wasn't sure when or if I wanted kids since I loved to travel and teach kids but could I take on all that responsibility of having my own?

I also wasn't dating anyone seriously enough in my 20's- 30's to make me feel inspired to procreate. So I put my reproduction on hold for 35 years and was waiting for a man to help me raise a family if we decided that was right for us. Who knew what would happen next? I had no idea the long and challenging journey that lay ahead of me into motherhood...

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