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Living la Pura Vida- Costa Rica

Highlights of the trip:

Catamaran Sunset and Snorkeling Boat ride (didn't see a sunset but did get to snorkel and see all kinds of cool fish, dolphins, and sea turtles)

Saw Sea Turtles "waltzing" with each other to Marvin Gaye ;)- They're hard to see but those are their shells on top of each other in the upper right

No sunset to be seen but a cool dark storm was brewing as we headed back to the dock. It didn't rain until we disembarked which was perfect timing!

The plants and animals by our hotel were incredible- and a little nasty (yes that's poop next to Charlene the Iguana on our lounge chair)

A beautiful flower that the hummingbirds loved!

Howler Monkeys used the hotel trees, roofs, and balconies as their Troop highway. Very cool and LOUD!

Went to Diamante Eco Adventure park and Animal Sanctuary (Fay loved the butterflies). We made it after the road there was closed for 3 hours with no alternate route!

We tried Costa Rican Coffee (see tiny cups below), saw how sugar cane was processed and tasted the best chocolate in the world- fresh from Cacao pods!

Encountered a real Sloth in the animal sanctuary!

And a pretend one Fay could touch!

Had a relaxing last day sitting by the pool at our favorite restaurant and hangout spot- Patagonia.

Fay couldn't wait till I got my drink pic to try her iced Lemonade- hence the tiny hand.

Feeling fancy in the poolside Cabana

Enjoying our final sunset on Playa Conchal- our favorite beach and best sunsets we've seen anywhere!

Adios Costa Rica! See you soon (we hope ;)!

Overall a wonderful and relaxing trip. More expensive than we had imagined and the roads were crazy...but a wonderful destination for exploring and a really family friendly area.

Next time we go, we're thinking of checking out an area in the Northern Guanacaste region called Playa Del Coco. Let me know if you're in for a 2024 meet up!

Direct flights from Charlotte and Chicago to Liberia (the 2nd biggest airport and close to the Pacific coast and beaches!

But first heading to the Midwest- going to celebrate my niece's high school graduation, David's bday (won't say the #), and Fay will get some quality cousin time in.

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