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The Traveling Trio Hits the Road

Updated: Sep 6

We started our travels with a 4 day trip to Brooklyn, New York to visit David's good friend from high school, Bobby, and his two amazing girls.

Friends for over 27 years and still representing the Chicago Bears

We hung out at beautiful parks with views of the NY skyline

Did cartwheels in front of the Brooklyn bridge

Fay tried NY style pizza and vegan ice cream

Got silly with her new friends (who she refers to as her cousins)

Read books on the subway heading to Manhattan

Ate Dim Sum in Chinatown, at the oldest Dim Sum restaurant in delicious!

Packed up our backpacks and headed to the airport! See you later NYC!

We're finally hitting the road to Asia after months of planning. Today we said good-bye to our friends and the US for a few months. We're currently relaxing at JFK airport but we will be taking off soon for Seoul and then Hanoi, Vietnam. Soon we'll be on the other side of the world! Hasta luego/See you later!

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