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"We're Baaaaacckkkk"

We made it back to the US exactly 2 months ago today! Our lovely neighbors had a cool yard sign set up for our return.

It's been a bit of a whirlwind as we returned right before the holidays. People have been asking me, "How has it been since you've been back?" So I thought I'd write a recap of the last few months.

We unpacked from our big trip, greeted our puppy (who seemed to actually miss us and didn't hold a grudge for leaving her), we organized our house, and then repacked to head to Chicago for the holidays. We missed our families and friends after not seeing them for over 5 months. We had one more adventure in us!

Before we left, David and Fay had to make their annual gingerbread houses that ended up lasting through the new year. David kept insisting they were still edible in 2024 but the rock hard gum drops did not convince me.

We also got a real Christmas tree which we enjoyed for about 1 1/2 weeks before we headed to the Midwest. I wanted a fake tree this year but I was out voted 3-1 (Nia is voting yes at the bottom of the picture).

In Chicago, we got to enjoy the beautiful city skyline from my parents apartment. Fay loved getting to hang out with Grandma and Papa especially since they got her an Elf on the Shelf- her first one ever.

We spent Christmas morning with David's family and matching pajamas. It was nice to have changes of clothes although packing and repacking gave me PTSD!

It finally snowed after a week in the city and we got to go ice skating- a fun and chilly Midwest adventure.

For New Years, we got to hang out with my amazing sisters in Indiana where we rang in the new year champagne and a delicious Korean feast!

We even had the grill on the table to cook the meat just like how we ate in Korea only a few months before! Costco meat just wasn't quite the same, but still tasty.

Fay got to flip out with her cousins, aunties, uncles, and grandparents. We all loved being in Chicago but we knew we had to get back to Columbia to resettle into life.

Here's what we've been up to in 2024: Fay is attending an Agile Learning Center (ALC) at a nature school called Peaceful Gatherings. She is loving it and wants to go more than Tue/Thur. Above is her "grown up" look for school (there's only tea in her to-go mug ;).

The other days we are homeschooling her and doing lots of field trips around the city. Recently, she and David went on a tour of the State House where our neighbor works. Now she wants to be a lawyer like Lauren and work in government! We'll see how long that dream lasts.

I'm currently taking a Postpartum Doula course to support new moms and families to have an easier and more supported transition into parenthood. I'm also teaching some private pre/postnatal yoga classes.

David is working part-time at his previous hospital here in Columbia. We are still figuring out next steps but we are enjoying our time here.

Nia just turned 5 but perpetually acts like a puppy. She had a great birthday full of dog treats, homemade peanut butter cookies, and a giant bone thanks to her neighborhood bestie.

This past weekend we went to see a Gamecocks women's basketball game and ran into the famous Jonquel Jones who plays for the New York Liberty in the WNBA. I was star struck! Fay knows her from a funny State Farm ad so she still enjoyed meeting her. (If you haven't seen it, its hilarious. Click below.)

So that's about it for now. We still like reliving our adventures and telling people about our adventures. This Friday, Fay and I will visit her old class and do a PowerPoint presentation about the trip. She also just got her first Hanbok in the mail and loves being able to dress like she did in Korea.

Next adventure: Florida in a week to visit Harry Potter world and go to a family reunion on David's side. It might be the craziest week we've had yet! If we don't make it back, please call Hogwarts!

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