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Kyla Saphir (Kai-lah Suh-feer) is a mother, yoga instructor, early childhood educator, and the author of the new children’s books On Brighter Days and I Love Nature School. She lives in Columbia, South Carolina, with her husband, 6 year old daughter, and their dog, Nia.

Kyla attended Scripps College in Claremont CA and received her BA in Anthropology. She taught early childhood education (ECE) in various cities and countries before receiving her Masters Degree in ECE with her ESL certificate and Pre-K thru 3rd grade teaching certification. 

Kyla has been practicing yoga for over 17 years in every city she's lived in-Seattle, Zagreb (Croatia), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Chicago and now Columbia, SC. She began practicing restorative yoga as a balance to her active lifestyle. She taught and hiked during the day at a nature preschool and played competitive ultimate frisbee on nights and weekends. Yoga provided her with a calm and healing space to unwind and recover. She also practiced prenatal and postnatal yoga during her pregnancy and soon after giving birth. 


Kyla completed her 200 hour yoga certification in August 2017 through Sakhi Yoga Training and completed her Prenatal and Postnatal yoga certification in spring 2018 through the Prenatal Yoga Center of New York. She is certified to teach Hypnomothering, a technique to help moms have a smoother transition into motherhood. Kyla teaches Prenatal and Postnatal yoga around Columbia, SC. She brings the benefits of yoga to moms to help women prepare their bodies for labor and recovery, build community, and use breathing techniques for birthing their babies and to use during motherhood.

The inspiration for the book, On Brighter Days, came from Kyla's personal experience with secondary infertility. She is the youngest of five children in her family and wanted her daughter to have siblings as well but it wasn't possible. When she looked for books for her daughter to read about their experience, the bookshelves were empty.  Kyla is passionate about high quality children's literature and so she and her daughter decided to write their own book addressing these feelings for other parents and only children.

When not busy writing, Kyla loves to explore with her daughter, practice yoga, run with Nia, and play in her garden.

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