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Book Reviews for
On Brighter Days

Child Reading in the Grass
“Love this book! Turning a tough time into a purpose project was the perfect way to bring a much needed and less discussed topic of secondary infertility to the table. The illustrations were bright and welcoming, the scenarios were relatable, and the message was felt.”

-Brittney Jackson, founder of Fertility Ain’t Fair
“I love that the book acknowledges the hard feelings kids could have around being an only child for both parents and the child. I also love that you used diverse skin colors and the illustrations are very bright and cheerful.  Although our experience as a family of three has been somewhat different than in your book, I think this is a great resource for families who are struggling with secondary infertility and are not OAD by choice.”
-Laura Weiler, mom of an only and creator of The Only Child Booklist
“On Brighter Days encapsulates being a parent of an only child well - some days you feel like you've got everything you need, and other days you may wonder if there is something more for your family. As an only child myself who was one due to infertility, I resonate with the book. On the flip side, as a parent who is raising an only child by choice (and proud of it), I resonate with the brighter days described in this book."

- Jen Taylor @oneanddoneparenting 
“What a nice little way of saying “I love you” to a little one who wonders why…and to offer up an alternative way of seeing his/her/their world.   It also offers an important, soothing view of worth to a single-child parent.   And the illustrations blend so well with the story.”
-Elizabeth R., mom, grandma, and aunt to many children

"The book is lovely, well-written, beautifully illustrated, heartwarming, and relatable. It's a fantastic picture book for every only-child family. You've done a tremendous job putting your personal touch into it. Well done!"

-Natasha Rezende, mom of an only and founder of the blog Only Child World

"I loved it and the illustrations are fantastic. I think you nailed it with the rhyming words, ease of read, and representation. The validation of feelings by including the "brighter day" perspective after a negative emotion is awesome and perfectly done. I will definitely be passing along.☺️"

-Monique Farook, creator of Infertility and Me podcast

"Every family is different and On Brighter Days is a beautiful portrait of what it can look like with one very loved child-even if that wasn't the plan initially."

-Jess Myhre, creator of Only You Podcast

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