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I Love Nature School  introduces children and grown-ups to the magic of learning in outdoor nature programs. For ages 3+

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Why a book about Nature Schools?

The inspiration for I Love Nature School comes from Kyla's experience teaching at various nature preschools around the US.


When looking for books about the first day of nature preschool, there were none to read to her students. Every book focused on indoor preschools and didn’t show the magic of learning outdoors.


Kyla decided to create a colorful story to introduce little ones, their parents, and teachers to the wonders of nature school and learning outside of four walls.

Don't have much access to nature?

Here are 10 ideas for backyard nature activities:

Kyla Saphir's
Debut Book

Published by Artist Madrid Books And Barnes and Noble

"Every family is different and On Brighter Days is a beautiful portrait of what it can look like with one very loved child-even if that wasn't the plan initially."
-Jess Myhre, creator of Only You Podcast

About the Book

On Brighter Days focuses on only children and their feelings about wanting a sibling but ultimately realizing how lucky they are to be in a small loving family. It is pretty universal that children ask for things they want but that may not be possible (a puppy, a new toy, or a sibling).


This book focuses on the importance of appreciating all the wonderful things that children have in their families, no matter the size.


On Brighter Days hopes to highlight the love of families with only children and share their stories! For Ages 3+

Paperback copies available now for $15!

Hardcopy available through Barnes and Noble.

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Kyla J. Saphir

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