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About the Book

On Brighter Days focuses on only children and their feelings about wanting a sibling but ultimately realizing how lucky they are to be in a small loving family. It is pretty universal that children ask for things they want but that may not be possible (a puppy, a new toy, or a sibling). This book highlights the importance of appreciating all the wonderful things that children do have in their families, no matter the size.

When I looked for books about the experience my daughter and I were having, we noticed there was a lack of books for only children, especially with a focus on secondary infertility. On Brighter Days hopes to highlight the love of families with only children and share their stories! For Ages 3+

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Blog Post Interview

From Only Child World blog writer Natasha R:

I’m so excited to share this interview with Kyla Saphir, the author of a new children’s book.
Kyla’s new book is delightful, candid and a moving read for every only-child family! ☺️

"Every family is different and On Brighter Days is a beautiful portrait of what it can look like with one very loved child-even if that wasn't the plan initially."
-Jess Myhre, creator of Only You Podcast

The Impact of On Brighter Days

This book will hopefully fill in the void of books representing only children and their families. There are many families that have only children for a variety of reasons, either by choice or circumstance, and they take many forms - two parent families, single parents, gay families, and families of all colorsOn Brighter Days shows this diversity since representation matters! All kids and families should see themselves in high quality children's literature. 

Help me spread the word and grow this body of children's literature!


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