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Tips for traveling with a 7 year old

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

We're traveling overseas with our elementary aged daughter and we will be world schooling her for the 4 months we're abroad. We're packing light- 1 backpack, 1 rolling bag/smaller backpack.

So far we're thinking about bringing clothes for hot, humid weather, a planner for school, an Ipad, a few books, and a notebook for journaling. She attends a public Montessori school so she knows how to make a weekly lesson plan for herself. On this adventure, she has the world at her fingertips to choose what she learns about each day/week/month!

I'm not too nervous about content of what's she's learning since I taught 2nd grade before, but how to let her independently learn. It'll be a new journey for us as a family. When I tried to 'homeschool' her during the pandemic she refused to be the student. She was the lead teacher and I was the assistant. At 4 years old, she seemed to know a lot!

If you have any other suggestions for what to pack, how to teach a 7 year old on the word, or other helpful parenting tips, please message me with ideas! This is a whole new world for us!

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Delisa Simpson Yoga
Delisa Simpson Yoga
08 de jun. de 2023

This is wonderful. I'm glad you all get to experience so many exciting and new things. As for suggestions: maybe visit historical sites and have her do written reflections on what she learned. Another suggestion, read the directions ahead of time, but allow her to read the directions and you all follow. Make a friend and teach the new friend a game we place in the states. Make a meal from your location and let her do the measurements of the ingredients. I hope this helps and is fun for you all. Miss you Delisa!

Respondendo a

I love all these ideas! Thank you for these suggestions because they are definitely something we can incorporate on our travels. Thanks teacher Delisa!

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