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Tips for traveling with a 7 year old

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

We're traveling overseas with our elementary aged daughter and we will be world schooling her for the 4 months we're abroad. We're packing light- 1 backpack, 1 rolling bag/smaller backpack.

So far we're thinking about bringing clothes for hot, humid weather, a planner for school, an Ipad, a few books, and a notebook for journaling. She attends a public Montessori school so she knows how to make a weekly lesson plan for herself. On this adventure, she has the world at her fingertips to choose what she learns about each day/week/month!

I'm not too nervous about content of what's she's learning since I taught 2nd grade before, but how to let her independently learn. It'll be a new journey for us as a family. When I tried to 'homeschool' her during the pandemic she refused to be the student. She was the lead teacher and I was the assistant. At 4 years old, she seemed to know a lot!

If you have any other suggestions for what to pack, how to teach a 7 year old on the word, or other helpful parenting tips, please message me with ideas! This is a whole new world for us!

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